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600 Watt LED Grow Lights 5W LED Grow Light

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600 watt led grow lights 5w led grow light

The 600 watt led grow lights is especially populared during USA customers,it is one of the main products of led grow lights series in Hebei Enjo Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd. This item has 120 pcs led chips and each 5w which is used double chips for each piece. With the certification of CE ROHS FCC, 600W Led grow light has won good reputation in quality during the buyers,since now no one complaint due to quality problem.


Detail Technical Parameters:


EJ-SZD   600


600W   (120*5W)



HPS/HID Replace

1000 W

Power Consume

260 W+-5W

Input Voltage

AC85-265 V

Max coverage at 18”height


Core coverage at 18” height



1746.5 Umol


50,000 Hours

Work frequency




Color spectrum

Full spectrum



Height above plants


Best lighting time per day

10-16 Hours

Lighting Introduction

* Generally specking,almost all plants need time to have a rest,so the led grow light cant be used in 24 hours to lighting plants.It is proved that the lighting time is controlled in 16-18 hours is good for them and the other  4-6 hours to take rest for plants after many researches and tests.

* For heliophiles,ths sushine can meet the growing requests in 10:00-17:00 in sunny days,so it is necessary to use led grow lights offering additional lighting in the period of 6:00-10:00 and 17:00-0:00.In another word,the plant needs the grow lamps supplementary lighting is about 11 hours(Notice:the suitable time for plants resting is from 00:00-6:00).

* If the plants dont have a strong requirements for sunshine,and in rainy days the lighting is enough for plants growing,the lighting time to use the led grow lamp can be judged by the time of sunrise and sunset,it’s better to fill light avoid the resting time of plants.

* According to the plant growing environment to set the lighting time.

* The growing environment includes rigional difference,seasonal diversity,difference between indoor and ourdoor lighting time(Red:Blue:Orange),Red wavelength is 620-630nm,blue wavelength is 460-470nm,organge wavelength is 610-615nm.

* If there are regional difference and seasonal diversity ,according the local details(sushine irradiation rules) set the grow lamp lighting time.(The nearer the equatir,the stronger the lighting,in summer strong,and winter winter).

* Plant indoor and outdoor accept large difference lighting of sunshine,if indoor,the led grow light should work 16-18 hours,it can change and adjust against the sunlight intensity;Outdoor plant shoud refer to above tips 1. *

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